The PayU Advantage

Now Send Payment Links through your Tally software itself

Quick Payment Collection

Send payment links for Tally invoices via email and SMS from your Tally Gateway.

Accept Payments via Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, Upi & more

100+ Payment Options

Accept Payments via Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI etc directly in your bank account.

Track Payments real time and manage all your transactions at one place

Easy Tracking & Reconcilation

Track Payments real time and manage all your transactions at one place

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Tally integration is a revolution for SMEs. Businesses using Tally.ERP 9 can now send out payment links automatically from Quotation and Invoices and also track/reconcile collections.


ScaleUp Anchors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the PayU payments patch for Tally ERP? How do I set up the Patch file?

1. Click on the button "Enable Payu Patch".
2. Fill the Form to share your Tally license number.
3. PayU Patch will be enabled on your Tally Software within 24 hours.

How do I deploy PayU Payment patch on my Tally Account?

To Deploy PayU Patch,

1. Open Tally and click on “Add on Features”

2. Type “Yes” under Enable Online Payment Link & Accept.

Your PayU Patch is now deployed. PayU setup button will now be visible on Gateway of Tally
PDF Step by Step guide

How do I link my PayU account with my Tally account?

To activate PayU in Tally, follow the simple steps shown in our step-by-step guide

PDF Step by Step guide

Where can I find my merchant ID?

You can find your Merchant ID on your PayU dashboard. Navigate to the top right corner Profile tab. Under the “General Details” tab, you will find your Merchant ID

PDF Step by Step guide

I do not have a PayU account, how can I create my account from Tally?

If you don’t have an account with PayU, click on the “NEW USER” button on the login page of Tally

You can create your account in minutes by following the steps guided on your PayU dashboard – Enter mobile and email details, enter basic business information and then verify your bank account. Please Note this is the bank account into which customer payments will be settled.

How do I trigger a payment link from my Tally system.

You can collect payments by sending payment links in your Tally invoices easily. Follow these simple steps:

PDF Step by Step guide

Can I send a payment link on both mobile and email ID? Can I also send a link to only the mobile number of the customer?

Yes, you can control the link behavior based on the contact details in your Tally contact information. If your customers Mobile and email are populated, then a link will be sent to both. Whereas capturing of email ID is optional; however, the mobile number of customer is a mandatory field for your link to function.

My customer requires to make a partial payment of the invoice amount; Can I collect partial payments ?

Absolutely. PayU payment links sent to your users via Tally invoice are partial payment powered. This means your users can select the amount they wish to pay and make the payment. On returning to the link for future transactions, the history and details of the previous partial transactions will be visible on the Payment page.

My payment link is not being sent, what could the issue be?

Ensure you have taken care of all the below pointers:

  • - Customer’s contact details are populated in Account Info page.
  • - Mobile number and email of the customer is correct.
  • - The mobile number of the customer is a mandatory field, ensure its not blank.
  • - Recheck if your PayU account is connected with your Tally system or not.
  • - The Invoice number is unique. Duplicate invoice number causes link failure.
  • - You did not select multiple invoices.
  • - Hovering over the Invoice will not trigger the link. Press Space-Bar to select Invoice.

What payment modes are available to my customers on opening the PayU link?

Your customer can click on the payment link and choose to pay via 100+ payment modes that include - Credit card, Debit card, Netbanking, UPI and Wallets.

While creating my PayU account, at what stage can I start collecting payments on Tally?

You can start collecting payments as soon as you create an account with PayU. However, money will be settled in your account once you complete the bank verification process.

My customer is unable to find the payment link I shared. Can I resend a payment link?

Yes, you can resend a duplicate link/links at any time by going to the “Ledger Outstandings” and triggering “Send Pay Link” again

How can I track the status of my payment links, how do I know when the payments are made?

You can see the status of payments for all your customers, by following these simple steps:

PDF Step by Step guide

How do I use the one click Receipt creation module?

To generate receipt for invoices, go to “Gateway of Tally”, click on “PayU Setup”, click on “Settlement Report” and select the invoice against which you want to generate the receipt and click the CREATE RECEIPT button on the Tally control tab on the right.

PDF Step by Step guide

In case of any query while installing or using the patch, who should I reach out to?

For any difficulty that you might face, reach out to and we will be happy to assist you. Please keep your MID, PayU account email ID and screenshots of the issue handy for a quick resolution.

I am a Tally Implementation Partner, How can I become a PayU Partner and refer my merchants?

Visit our website and complete the Partner Signup on Once the signup is complete you will get access to add and refer merchants from the PayU Partner Dashboard. Get rewarded for every successful transaction by your referral.

What documents will I need to sign up as a PayU Partner?

For any individual Partner, we need your company’s (or your own) name, PAN details, address, bank a/c details, scanned copy of cancelled cheque, and the details of an authorized signatory or SPOC (name, email, PAN, and address). In case you are a platform partner, please get in touch with .

How to unblock my merchant account

To unlock the merchant account you will receive a link on the registered email address and mobile number.

PDF Step by Step guide